Chamberlain Digital

Michael Chamberlain is available for consulting and training in photography, design, web development, and model development. He also hosts workshops on various subjects throughout the year.

Consulting Services

Having followed digital imaging and graphic design from their infancy, Michael Chamberlain has amassed a wealth of knowledge and experience on most aspects of the industry. His specialties include: photography, digital retouching, Adobe products including Photoshop, Illustrator and InDesign, power styling, and advanced web styling


As quickly as the photography, design, and web fields expand and change, training for new technologies and techniques is a necessity to remain competitive in today's market. Whether your staff is 1 or 20, we can help bridge the gap to new technologies and techniques that can improve your efficiency, and save you money on both the design and printing ends of projects.

Model Development

In recent years, a number of agencies with "modeling schools" that promise to train models have been "signing models" only to take their money for classes and put them on a list before seeking out new models. The secret is that any agency that requires you to pay them, at times thousands of dollars, for classes before putting you on their rolls makes far more money for signing a new model than they would for getting an existing model actual work. These agencies have little or no incentive to get their models work.

At Chamberlain Digital, we believe in only developing models that we see great potential in. We take on very few models, and never charge them up front. Models who are accepted will receive test shoots and training up front with a master photographer. We never require payment until you're signed with a reputable agency and actually start working, at which time we require a percentage similar to an agent until our fees are covered. So we don't get paid unless you're getting paid.

If you'd be interested in becoming an associate model and are at least 18 years old, please take a look at our fashion samples then email me at with your age, height, weight, and a headshot.

Consulting Estimates

Please don't hesitate to contact me for a free quote on any consulting needs at: